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  • What happens when the QuantumEasy EMF Protector peel off or lose their adhesiveness?
    Unfortunately, when the QuantumEasy EMF Protector get peeled off or lose its adhesiveness, it will lose the information programmed within it. You will have to replace it with a new sticker.
  • Can I cover the EMF Protector with my phone cover?
    Yes! The EMF Protector will work as long as it’s stuck onto your desired area, regardless of if you can see it or not.
  • Are the EMF Protectors laboratory tested?
    All the EMF Protectors have been tested to be Non-Hazardous & Safe by TUV SUD PSB, international testing body. Results can be found here.
  • Does EMF Protector affect my signal/battery life/connection?
    No, it does not.
  • Why should I use an EMF Protector?
    EMF radiation/5G has been proven to cause negative health effects (click here to see research & tests). The EMF Protector is proven to INSTANTLY create a shield to protect you against the invisible yet harmful effects of all kinds of EMFs & 5G.
  • Will the EMF Protector work just as well if I stick it on my phone/laptop cover?
    Yes, although we would recommend sticking the EMF Protector directly on your desired device for maximum protection.
  • Will my phone’s heat render the EMF Protector ineffective?
  • Can I use the EMF Protector on things that are not electrical? Eg. Bed Frame, Wall, Window...Etc
    Sure! The QuantumEasy EMF Protector can be used anywhere.
  • What should I do if my EMF Protector peels off easily?
    We understand that for frequently-used-areas (eg. back of your phone), your EMF Protector may not stick as long as you’d prefer. It’s highly recommended to use another form of adhesive over the SOA to secure it for longer periods of time. (eg. Plaster, medical tape, scotch tape, handphone cover…etc)
  • I’ve seen other EMF protectors besides your brand, what’s the difference?
    QuantumEasy EMF Protector is the only known EMF Protector to pass extensive tests, you can see the tests here. It is also the only known Protector that uses authentic Quantum Technology from USA. Also view our disclaimers & terms for more information.
  • Where are QuantumEasy products manufactured in?
    Locally, here in Singapore.
  • Do you do corporate gifts/bulk orders?
    Yes, we do! Please contact us below for a direct, non-obligatory quote or for more information!


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