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"As someone who's almost constantly on my phone due to work (I have to tend to my clients), I am pretty concerned about the EMF radiation I get from my phone. Being a fitness trainer and coach, that increases the concern about health issues in all aspects, including EMF’s affect on us.


Using the EMF Protector makes me feel at ease while using my phone and I don't get as much stress and headache at the end of the day. Definitely felt less tired as well from the negative effects of EMF. Never knew a simple small sticker could do big things like this."

-Jason Chee

International Model, Celebrity Fitness Coach, Winner Manhunt 2012

Thumbs Up From All Over The World

W.H. & Val.

“Amazed by the energy test for EMF Protector! Eliminates harmful effects of electronic radiation!"

Shamini & Kumutha

"Recommend everyone to have the EMF Protector! Saw immediate results for the Body-Stress Test, amazing!"

George Y. 

“I’m shocked that such a small tiny sticker can have this effect… definitely convinced me to buy the products!”

Jenn T.

“EMF Protector is amazing…can really feel the difference with it or without."


"Passed the Energy test for EMF Protector… Eliminates radiation from phone. Wonderful."

Esther Ho 

“Tested out the EMF and I really felt and see a difference during the EMF test. Very amazed!”

Jenn T.

“The EMF Protector definitely did a huge difference to my energy. Without the sticker, my strength while holding the phone is a lot weaker than with the protector."

Joe A.

"The EMF test actually explain how our energy can be affected vastly in my daily. Would recommend everyone to have the sticker on to protect ourselves from further EMF damage."

Alicia L.

“The EMF Protector helped my boy's headaches when he uses his devices for too long. I'm surprised how such a small sticker has such a big effect, but it worked really well for me & my family. ”

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